American Health Imaging Offers Same Day MRI Appointments

August 16, 2017 – 3 min read

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In a lot of cases, when you go in for an MRI, you have to wait several days to get the films. With a same day MRI, however, you get the films and often the diagnosis the very same day that you get the imaging tests done. This speed and convenience offers a number of key advantages for both patients and physicians.


1. No Need to Wait

When you have a medical issue, not knowing what’s happening can be the scariest thing. If you have to wait for test results, your imagination can run wild and worry can ruin your days. However, when you get the results that you need the same day, you know what’s happening. You don’t have to waste time needlessly worrying.


2. Ability to Plan Future Care

Once you know what your diagnosis is, you can start to make a plan. You can work with your health care providers or do online research to find out about your options. The chance to plan can feel a lot more productive than just sitting around waiting for results.


3. More Convenient With Same Day MRI

Same Day MRIs are also much more convenient. You go to the clinic or imaging office, and you get the information that you need when the test is over. You don’t have to waste time with a follow up appointment or come back to the imaging center to get your results. Instead, you just need to carve out a window of time for the MRI, and then, you can get everything done in that time slot.

In addition, if you like to keep accurate copies of your medical records, a same day MRI also makes that easier. You can just put the films in your records the same day as the procedure.


4. More Efficient for Clinics

If you are a physician ordering an MRI for a patient, you will enjoy the efficiency of a same-day MRI. Having everything done on the same day helps your clinic stay more productive, and it can ultimately reduce wasted time. In one study of same day MRIs versus imaging tests that are scheduled a few days later, the clinic increased the total amount of MRIs it was able to handle by close to 50%. Even if you are outsourcing the MRIs, you can still enjoy increased productivity when you don’t have to wait for results.


5. Better Care for Your Patients

This also makes it easier for you to provide topnotch care for your patients. If one of your patients needs an MRI, you can send them to a place like AHI that offers same day MRI imaging. Then, you can arrange to discuss the results right after the test. You simply have the testing facility email you the results, and then, you can sit and chat with your patient right away.


Want a same day MRI? Then, contact us to schedule one today. At AHI, we focus on offering patients a compassionate experience, and we provide physicians with the fast, reliable services they need as well.