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When you’re suffering from Alzheimer’s, MS, or other serious neurological conditions, your doctor needs crystal-clear images to determine the right course of action. Fortunately, NeuroQuant® image processing software has made brain imaging more reliable than ever before. Used in conjunction with MRI, this cutting-edge software allows radiologists to provide clear, quantified measurements of your brain’s tissues.*

How It Works

NeuroQuant® software processes data from a MRI brain scan to calculate accurate measurements of the brain structure volumes and compare to established norms based on age, sex and cranial volume. These measurements can determine which parts of your brain are atrophied, asymmetrical, or deformed.

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Reasons for NeuroQuant®

Every patient’s situation is unique, and the extent of a neurological disorder plays a significant role in determining proper treatment. Brain volume is one of the most important indicators, and a loss of volume is often a sign of progression for patients with MS and dementia.

To help your doctor make the best treatment decisions, NeuroQuant measures the volumes of several cranial structures, including the hippocampus, ventricles and amygdala. By comparing these volumes to norms based on age, sex and cranial volume, your doctor can accurately assess the nature and progression of your condition.

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