American Health Imaging is the leader in high quality, medical imaging in the southeast

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, American Health Imaging (AHI) invests in the most up-to-date imaging equipment to enhance the patient experience and provide the highest quality diagnostic images since 1998. In 2019, AHI partnered with US Radiology Specialists. Today, AHI owns and operates over 45 best-in-class diagnostic imaging facilities in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Texas.

The American Health Imaging Advantage

The AHI Advantage delivers CONFIDENCE for the medical insights you need, and CONVENIENCE that matters for physicians and patients, while giving patients COST-EFFECTIVE alternatives to save them time and money.

Bottom Line: We make it easy for providers and easy for patients

Sub-Specialized Radiologists*

American Health Imaging collaborates with highly skilled radiologists, each specializing in specific areas, ensuring top-notch care and precise results. The radiologists undergo advanced training, enabling them to identify subtle irregularities that might be overlooked by others. This expertise ensures that your referring physician receives reliable results, instilling confidence in them when devising the most accurate and effective treatment plan for your specific needs.


American Health Imaging centers are accredited and voluntarily participate in programs that ensure safety and quality standards.

About US Radiology Specialists

The Next Generation of Private Practice Radiology

With the healthcare arena rapidly evolving, US Radiology leads the way. With best-in-class partners like American Health Imaging Medical Imaging, we’re building the nation’s premier partnership of physician-owned radiology practices and diagnostic imaging centers. At US Radiology, we come together to share best practices, optimize growth, support our hospital partners, and most importantly, elevate patient care—together. It’s the next generation of radiology.

The US Radiology Way

Our Mission: We make the best of radiology better to improve lives

Do the Right Thing

We will always consider the best interests of the patients, physicians, employees, health systems and other partners we serve

Be the Best Team

We will invest to attract, retain, and develop top talent to provide our patients the best quality care possible.

Be Innovative

We will consistently challenge the status quo and think creatively to ensure we are maximizing growth opportunities

Demonstrate Value

We will focus on achieving positive outcomes for our stakeholders and measure and report on our success

Find A Way

We will operate with a sense of urgency and have a bias for action, overcoming obstacles along the way

At American Health Imaging, we’re driving change, rather than waiting for change to drive us.