Choose American Health Imaging for Your Outpatient MRI Services

June 23, 2017 – 3 min read

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If your doctor has ordered an MRI test of your head, spine, pelvis, legs or any other part of your body, you have a choice where you get that test performed. Many patients are not aware that they can choose where to go for their MRI imaging tests, so they end up paying more than they need to pay, and dealing with inconveniences that could have been avoided by choosing one of American Health Imaging’s 19 convenient locations.

Why Patients Prefer American Health Imaging

Here are some of the many reasons to consider scheduling your MRI with American Health Imaging:

Convenient – One of the biggest benefits to choosing AHI for your outpatient MRI is that our locations are stand-alone businesses. There is no need to drive across town to go to the hospital, deal with parking in a crowded parking ramp and making your way through a labyrinth of hospital corridors to find the imaging lab. When you choose AHI, you’ll be able to find us easily. This can save you time, as well as easing stress and frustration.

Highly-Trained Staff – Helping patients with diagnostic imaging tests is all we do at American Health Imaging, and we do it well. We make sure that everyone our patients interact with are properly trained and have the necessary skills to handle your MRI or other imaging procedure the right way. We know your doctor needs high-quality images in order to make a diagnosis and devise a treatment plan, and we are committed to providing those high-quality results. We are also committed to making the process as comfortable as possible for every patient. You can count on compassionate, professional service from everyone on our team.

High Quality Equipment – We know how important it is to use quality equipment to achieve quality test results. When you visit any one of AHI’s non-hospital imaging centers, your imaging scans will be conducted using the same high-quality equipment that hospital centers use.

Cost Savings – Last (but certainly not least), when you schedule your outpatient MRI scan at American Health Imaging, you will pay a lower price (often significantly lower) than what you would expect to pay having the exact same test completed, with the same equipment, and with staff trained the same way, at the hospital.

When all of the options are evaluated, we think the choice is pretty clear. Choose AHI for fast, convenient, quality services at a lower cost than other providers.

Schedule Your Outpatient MRI with American Health Imaging Today!

At American Health Imaging, we know that convenience, quality and cost all matter. The good news is that you don’t need to sacrifice any one of them when you choose AHI for your outpatient MRI scan.

With convenient locations across Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Texas, our non-hospital MRI centers are right where you need, them without all of the hassle. To find the location nearest you and to schedule your own outpatient MRI procedure, contact us online today or call us at (855) MRI-CHOICE.