Diagnosing Achilles Tendinitis at an Imaging Center

December 11, 2017 – 3 min read

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Unexplained pain in your Achilles tendon could be a serious issue called Achilles tendinitis. To definitively diagnose this issue, your doctor will usually recommend some imaging tests. Rather than having the tests done at a hospital, you may want to have them done at an imaging center like American Health Imaging.


Multiple Options Available

Medical professionals can diagnose Achilles tendinitis with several different imaging tests. X-rays alone cannot conclusively diagnose this condition, but they can be useful for ruling out similar issues. An ultrasound image can create real-time pictures of your Achilles tendon while it’s moving, and it can also detect how the blood is flowing in that area. Finally, an MRI uses radio waves and magnets, and it is an essential diagnostic tool. When you go to an imaging center, you can access all the images you need in one place.


Fast Service

Because imaging centers are focused exclusively on imaging, the service tends to be fast. In hospitals, there is a lot more unplanned imaging that needs to be done, and that can cause waits for other patients. For example, if you are at a hospital where an emergency room patient needs to get imaging done, your appointment may be bumped behind theirs. When you go to an imaging center for an Achilles tendinitis diagnosis, you don’t have to worry about that risk.

Beyond the appointment itself, the results are also fast. You can get same day imaging and diagnosis when you go to a place like American Health Imaging.


Less Expensive

Unfortunately, hospitals generally charge more for all services including imaging services. They have to do this to defray costs from the areas where they lose money like the emergency room. With a non-hospital imaging center, there generally aren’t any big departments that bleed cash, and that helps these facilities keep their costs lower.

Similarly, clinics that have their own imaging equipment have to roll the cost of the equipment, its maintenance, and the personnel into their fees. If they don’t do a lot of imaging work, there aren’t as many patients to spread the costs between. In contrast, when you get imaging for your Achilles tendinitis or any other issue from an imaging center, that facility does imaging all day every day. The sheer volume of patients helps to keep the costs down.


Convenient Locations

American Health Imaging isn’t just one location. We have locations in multiple cities throughout Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. If you start with an appointment in one location, you can easily continue your care at another of our centers, even if you move or have to travel.


To get imaging to diagnose Achilles tendinitis, contact AHI today. We are less expensive, more convenient, and faster than getting imaging at other places. We also have multiple locations to meet your needs. Contact us today.

If you’re a doctor who needs to make an appointment for a patient, we also look forward to serving you. Reach out to us to order an MRI for your patient, and we’ll help you handle the details.