Advantages of Digital X-ray

April 26, 2021 – 2 min read

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Why a Digital X-ray Is Better

If you’ve ever broken a bone, you know what an X-ray is. Though known for their ability to visualize fractures and bone abnormalities, X-rays have many uses. Pneumonia, abnormal masses and more are all evaluated with an X-ray. Thanks to the digital X-ray, those evaluations are better than ever.

What Is the Difference Between a Digital X-ray and a Normal X-ray?

No matter what kind of X-ray you get, the process is the same. You relax as the X-ray machine captures images of your insides. There’s no pain or noisy machinery involved, and it all takes 15 minutes or less. While there are many similarities between digital and traditional X-rays, there are a couple significant differences between the two.

  • Digital X-rays expose you to significantly less radiation. Though traditional X-rays emit only small amounts of radiation, digital X-rays emit even less.
  • Digital X-rays use digital rather than film technology. Like a digital camera, a digital X-ray creates immediately viewable images that can be analyzed. There is no need to develop the images, and they can be manipulated for clarity if necessary.

What Are the Advantages of a Digital X-ray?

Digital X-rays provide a number of advantages over their predecessor. These include the following:

  • Less radiation exposure. This is an important factor, as less radiation exposure means less risk of radiation-linked cancer. Because you’re unknowingly exposed to low amounts of radiation every day, it’s smart to limit it when possible.
  • Instant image availability. This allows your provider to begin developing a treatment plan faster. Additionally, you don’t have to wait to find out whether the initial scan provided a clear image. Your provider knows this instantly, and a second X-ray can be taken on the spot.
  • Images can be manipulated. If an area in your X-ray is difficult to see, the contrast can be increased or decreased. This gives a better view of the area of concern and helps ensure an accurate diagnosis.
  • Easy transfer to your primary provider. Following your exam, your X-rays can be sent to your provider with the click of a button. Using secure and encrypted technology, your images reach your provider safe and sound. There’s no time wasted or risk of losing the images, which can occur when handling printed X-ray images.

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