Exploring the Advantages of the Advanced Open MRI

November 27, 2023 – 5 min read

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Your doctor has suggested an MRI for you. If the enclosed structure of a traditional MRI machine is causing anxiety, you might be interested in exploring alternative MRI options to ensure you receive the care you need.

American Health Imaging presents an alternative to the conventional MRI machine with the Advanced Open MRI. Distinguished by its unique features, the Advanced Open MRI sets itself apart in several ways. Let’s learn how.

Open Design

When envisioning an MRI, the traditional image of a narrow and lengthy tube might come to mind—a machine you enter for your scan. However, technological advancements over the years have transformed the types of MRI machines significantly.

American Health Imaging offers the latest in state-of-the-art technology with wide-opening, and shorter-tube MRI machines, along with the Advanced Open MRI we’re talking about today. 

Different from the conventional MRI, the Advanced Open MRI provides openness not only in front, but also behind and above you. This unique design enables you to maintain visibility outside the machine throughout the scan, offering a perspective that can alleviate the anxiety and claustrophobia commonly associated with traditional MRI experiences.

Standing, Sitting, or Laying Flat

In traditional MRIs, you lay flat on a table that moves into the MRI machine, with the orientation—feet or head first—depending on the targeted body part for imaging. This process can trigger anxiety and claustrophobia in some individuals. However, the Advanced Open MRI, with its open design, aims to alleviate these concerns for you.

Depending on the specific imaging requirements, you may be instructed to stand, sit, or lie down during your examination. If you’re experiencing pain in a particular position, such as sitting, the Advanced Open MRI accommodates that position as directed by your doctor for precise imaging. This type of flexible positioning is not possible in conventional MRI machines.

How are the results different on the Advanced Open MRI?

With the multiple positions the Advanced Open MRI offers, it can provide more accurate results in certain cases. The ability to capture images while the body is weight-bearing offers unique insights.

For instance, spinal alignment varies between standing and lying down. If you experience back pain while walking, the standing position in the MRI reveals how the spine moves in the position that triggers symptoms. This enhanced understanding aids in effective treatment planning, minimizing the need for trial-and-error approaches.

When can I expect the results of my MRI?

Following your MRI, a radiologist will analyze the images and deliver a report to your healthcare provider within a few days.* Subsequently, your doctor will go over the findings with you, either during a follow-up appointment or through a phone discussion.

Feel free to ask your technologist or doctor about the anticipated timeframe for receiving your results. It’s important to bear in mind that, although the eagerness or anxiety to learn the results is natural, the thorough analysis of each image is crucial for diagnosing.

How to schedule an MRI appointment with us

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the Advanced Open MRI offered?

MRI scans on the Advanced Open MRI usually last between 15 minutes to 60 minutes, depending upon the area being imaged. 

It depends upon the scan requested by your doctor. Our team will make sure you are comfortable in the position your scan type requires. 

Opt for clothing that is loose and comfortable, free from metal components like zippers, buttons, and fasteners. Additionally, choose fabrics without metallic microfibers, such as those used in anti-bacterial or odor-fighting materials.

A radiologist will analyze the images and deliver a report to your healthcare provider within a few days.

Yes. American Health Imaging offers MRI safe headphones for you to listen to music during your MRI.