Finding an Affordable MRI in Atlanta

March 16, 2020 – 3 min read

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MRI in Atlanta

Americans pay a heavy price for their medical care daily. If you’re one of the millions of people who find it difficult to afford the high costs of health-related expenses, you may be considering forgoing your diagnostic procedure even if the results offer information that can save your life. While diagnostic imaging, such as an MRI, can be very expensive, there are ways to find an affordable MRI in Atlanta so you can get the care you need without going into debt.

What is an MRI? 

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a completely safe and pain-free imaging technique that uses a combination of radio waves and magnets to create highly detailed images of your body. While an X-ray shows bones and joints, an MRI can produce clear images of your muscles, organs and other soft tissues.

When choosing an MRI, there are a few types to consider: the closed MRI, wide-bore MRI and open MRI. The closed MRI is the traditional MRI that may first come to mind. This MRI consists of a closed capsule where the patient lies completely still on a table. The wide-bore MRI is similar to a traditional MRI but with a much larger opening.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, an open MRI can help ease your fears and make for a more relaxing process. While an open MRI has the same technology as a closed MRI, the open MRI creates an open-air experience with openings in the front, back, and above. An open MRI allows patients to sit and stand for even better positioning.

When choosing an MRI in Atlanta, you want to talk with your doctor about which MRI works best for you and your medical situation.

How to Find an Affordable MRI in Atlanta

Depending on the area being imaged, the cost of your MRI can change. Images of the brain and spinal cord tend to cost more than images of the limbs. For instance, a spinal MRI can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 while a knee joint MRI can cost around $700.

If you’re trying to find an affordable MRI in Atlanta, you want to consider your location. While MRIs can be expensive, where you get your MRI done can help significantly in the price of an MRI procedure. Hospitals tend to charge much more than a standalone clinic due to high overhead costs. When setting up an MRI appointment, you want to look for the highest quality technology with the most affordable care. This is where dedicated imaging centers can save you a lot of money on your MRI.

Imaging centers such as American Health Imaging, provide high-quality alternatives to hospital MRI exams but at a much lower price. Since standalone imaging centers don’t have to deal with the overhead costs as hospitals do, they can offer the same high-quality MRI exams for up to 75% less.

Hospitals can send out multiple bills for a single visit, but at imaging centers like American Health Imaging, we provide one easy to understand bill, so you know how much you’re paying right away.

Finding an affordable MRI in Atlanta doesn’t have to be difficult. At American Health Imaging, we know how important it is for your health to receive the proper diagnostic imaging. While our services are priced at a terrific value, our MRI equipment and staff are top-of-the-line, so you get an affordable MRI without losing any of the quality.

Contact us today or talk to your doctor about scheduling your MRI with us so you can receive the best in affordable MRI care in Atlanta.

Affordable MRI in Atlanta