How does scheduling work at American Health Imaging?

April 23, 2024 – 6 min read

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Scheduling an appointment at American Health Imaging is simple, convenient, and efficient.

We’re the leader in high-quality medical imaging in the southeastern United States, and we make scheduling easy, for both patients and healthcare providers.

Requesting an appointment at one of our imaging centers

There are two convenient ways to schedule an appointment at one of our imaging centers:
(1) if we receive an order from your healthcare provider, we’ll call you to schedule the appointment, or
(2) if you have an order, you can schedule an appointment here on our website, or you can call us to set up an appointment

How to schedule online

Scheduling an appointment online with American Health Imaging is simple with just a few clicks.

On our homepage, click the blue Request An Appointment button, which will take you to a simple form with just a few questions. It will take just a couple of minutes.

We’ll call you when we receive your healthcare provider’s order

Many times, when we receive an imaging order from your healthcare provider, we’ll call you to set the appointment––so you won’t have to do anything at all.

How to call for an appointment

If you prefer to call to schedule an appointment, you can find the correct phone number on the Locations page of our website.

During the call, we will review your healthcare provider’s order and request your insurance information.

We will then schedule an appointment for you at a location near your home, work, or school, at a time that best fits your schedule.

After that, you will receive an appointment confirmation from us by text message. The text message will include a link so you can save time and pre-register before your appointment.

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What happens after you request an appointment with us

Before your appointment, we will verify your insurance benefits and submit it for prior authorization to your insurance company. 

For X-ray and Ultrasound imaging, this happens often on the same day, or the next. 

For some scans, like CT and MRI scans, authorization usually requires a little longer. Depending on your insurance, authorization for these scans usually occurs within five days. 

Please remember, sometimes insurance companies require other options before approving CT or MRI scans, such as X-rays, Ultrasound, medication, and/or physical therapy.

A day or two before your imaging appointment

One to two days before your appointment, our team will reach out to you to verify what is due financially at the time of your appointment. 

We work with CareCredit for those patients who require financial assistance. 

An appointment reminder is sent to you by text message 24 hours before your appointment. In this text message, there will be a link to the address of your imaging center, to make getting there easier.

On the day of your appointment

If you don’t have time to pre-register before your arrival, that’s OK: we’ll give you an electronic device to complete the necessary forms.

Scheduling an appointment at an American Health Imaging center is easy, convenient, and efficient. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any of our locations.

At American Health Imaging, we make scheduling easy.

Frequently asked questions

How can I schedule an appointment for a diagnostic imaging scan at an American Health Imaging center?

You can schedule an appointment by either using our online scheduling tool, or we will call you upon receiving your healthcare provider’s order.

After you request an appointment, we’ll verify your insurance, and for certain scans like CT and MRI we’ll also handle prior authorization.

To schedule online, simply visit our website’s scheduling page, and fill out the necessary information.

During the call, we’ll review your healthcare provider’s order, request your insurance information, and help schedule an appointment at a location near you.

Yes, you’ll receive a text message confirmation that includes a link to pre-register for your appointment

We verify your insurance details and, depending on the type of scan (like CT or MRI), we may also complete the prior authorization process.

We’ll contact you to confirm your appointment details, help you look into financial assistance with CareCredit if needed, and send a text with the imaging center’s address.

On the day of your appointment, please arrive at the imaging center to complete your on-site registration, if you haven’t already done so.