How Much Does a CT Scan Cost?

October 19, 2017 – 3 min read

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A CT scan cost can vary based on a number of factors. If you are confused about why different clinics are quoting different prices or why you have paid different amounts for this type of scan in the past, you may be wondering what underlies the cost of this procedure. Here’s what you need to know.


Range of Costs

In general, you can expect to see CT scan costs that range from $270 on the very low end to nearly $5,000 on the high end. The cost varies depends on the facility, your location, and factors such as whether you pay in cash or bill your insurance provider.


Breaking Down CT Scan Cost

Basically, you can break down a CT scan cost into two parts: technical fees and professional fees. Technical fees include the actual costs directly related to the scan such as the cost of the equipment, upgrades, and repairs. Professional fees include the fees and wages paid to the people who administer the scan and read the results.

On top of these categories, there tends to be overhead built into the fee. Overhead includes all the costs required to run the clinic or hospital where you are getting the scan. That refers to everything from rent or lease expenses to wages for administrative workers to utility bills for the facility.

Overhead is one of the reasons why CT scan cost varies so much in different locations. For example, in Houston, Texas the average cost is over $3,000, while it’s only $1,611 in Omaha, Nebraska. Although there are many reasons for the discrepancy, some of it boils down to the high cost of real estate and wages in a big city like Houston compared to a relatively smaller area such as Omaha.


Other Factors That Affect CT Scan Cost

However, location is just part of it. In one facility in Portland, Oregon, scans cost over $1,500 while at another facility in the same town, scans cost less than $700. In general, the more scans a facility does, the lower the prices tend to be. When a facility focuses on a high volume of patients, that distributes the cost of the machinery, upgrades, and repairs over more patients. That helps lower the total cost. In contrast, when a facility only does the occasional scan, the cost can’t be spread out over as many patients.


Saving Money on CT Scan Cost

If you want to save money on your next scan, consider calling around and getting quotes from a few different places. Instead of going somewhere that only does the occasional scan, find a facility that focuses on scans and imaging. Note that university hospitals or research facilities may charge more just based on the prestige of their name. When it comes to a relatively routine procedure such as a CT scan, there isn’t any advantage to choosing one of these facilities. Instead, just select the most affordable option.


How Much Will My CT Scan Cost?

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