July 13, 2015 – 2 min read

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American Health Imaging Examines Your Choices

With deductibles skyrocketing higher and higher, it’s time for patients to get smart and do a little bit of shopping. Diagnostic imaging such as MRI and CT scans can be expensive, and luckily imaging technologies and choices in today’s healthcare market are abundant. Recent trends impacting the patient’s financial responsibility in those choices mean higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. American Health Imaging examines the options in an effort to stretch your limited, precious health care dollar. You Have a Choice in Diagnostic Imaging Just like we have a choice in which doctor we visit, as patients we have a choice in where our diagnostic imaging is performed. Freestanding, non-hospital imaging facilities, such as American Health Imaging centers, and hospital-based imaging services are the same in many important ways: equipment, quality, precision. But they are also different: convenience, patient care, and most importantly, cost. In choosing an imaging provider, there are several factors one should consider: Is the quality the same? How long is the wait for an appointment? Is the equipment the same? What about costs? What will I (the patient) have to pay out of pocket? We answer those questions, among others, below. “There are fundamental differences between freestanding imaging centers and hospital-based facilities,” said Scott Arant, president and CEO of American Health Imaging. “While both provide high quality service with the latest and greatest technologies, a freestanding center is often a faster, more convenient and far less expensive option for MRI and CT.” As a free-standing, non-hospital facility with a singular focus on imaging, American Health Imaging (AHI) is able to invest all of its efforts, time and financial resources into creating the best destination for patients to find precise and affordable diagnostic imaging. In addition to patient care, referring physicians can often find same-day scheduling, and thereby, faster results, enabling them to move forward with treatment plans. Imaging and reporting are high quality as well. Board-certified specialty radiologists – musculoskeletal, neuroradiologists, and even personal injury specialists – perform radiology services and American Health Imaging hand delivers results to your referring physician within 24 hours. Diagnostic imaging can get expensive and it is better to apply for quick loan online for help. As patients, don’t be afraid to shop around and compare services across imaging providers in your area. In addition, your healthcare plan may have preferred providers in its network. For an appointment at American Health Imaging, call 1-855-MRI-CHOICE.