Understanding NeuroQuant

August 11, 2020 – 2 min read

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What NeuroQuant Is—and Why It Matters

When you or a loved one requires an imaging scan for any reason, you want the results to be accurate and clear. And when the images are of your brain, detail and accuracy matter even more. That’s because the treatment of neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis(MS), and traumatic brain injuries, all require careful examination of the tissue in the brain. An MRI captures accurate images of the brain and other tissues in the body, but a new technology called NeuroQuant® 3D Image Processing adds another layer of assurance.

What Is NeuroQuant?

If an MRI is the gold standard in capturing imaging scans of the brain tissue, why is another tool needed? NeuroQuant isn’t a standalone technology. It works alongside an MRI to provide your doctor with quantified measurements of your brain tissue. NeuroQuant is the first Food and Drug Administration-cleared software for volumetric MRI processing. When it comes to cognitive health, doctors frequently look to the brain’s volume as a key indicator of how healthy it is. A loss of brain volume can indicate the progression of a condition, such as MS or dementia, or significant damage caused by a traumatic brain injury.

How Does NeuroQuant Work?

A NeuroQuant-assisted exam starts with a standard MRI of the brain. From there, the NeuroQuant software takes the MRI data and identifies and segments the different structures in the brain, including the hippocampus. During this process, it calculates the volume of those brain structures and compares them with a database of what’s normal based on a person’s age, gender and cranial volume.

What’s the Benefit of NeuroQuant?

Brain volume, particularly the volume of the hippocampus, provides an important measure of your brain’s health. The loss of brain volume, known as brain atrophy, is what doctors are looking for in these tests. NeuroQuant provides doctors with a tool to supplement a brain MRI, allowing them to monitor changes in brain volume and the progress of a cognitive health or neurological issue. That’s additional, valuable information that can benefit your diagnosis and the care you receive.
NeuroQuant-assisted brain MRI is offered at most American Health Imaging locations. Schedule an appointment online or by calling (855) 674-2464.