Prevent Excess Radiation Exposure With a Low-Dose CT Scan

August 12, 2021 – 2 min read

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Prevent Excess Radiation Exposure With a Low-Dose CT Scan

XR-29 sounds like it would be from Star Wars or Star Trek, but this advanced technology can prevent overexposure to radiation from a low-dose CT scan.

CT stands for computed tomography, a type of X-ray technology that captures images of the body’s internal structures. CT scans are crucial to the diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions and diseases.

A low-dose CT scan can help your doctor capture the images required with minimal exposure to radiation. This can be a powerful diagnostic tool, especially if you are a smoker concerned about your lung cancer risk.

In the medical imaging world, a low-dose CT scan is also known as the XR-29-2013 Standard, or Smart Dose CT. This standard was designed by the Medical Imaging and Technology Association, a division of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

What Is a Low-Dose CT Scan?

A low-dose CT scan uses X-ray and computer technology to capture multiple images of areas within the human body. It can be performed with a low dose of radiation.

To ensure you are not being exposed to an excessive amount of radiation, ask your medical team if the equipment being used for your CT scan is XR-29 compliant.

Smart Dose CT includes technology that alerts the user when a scan is estimated to be above dose limitations, as well as automatic exposure controls that adapt according to the part of the body being scanned. It also includes dosing protocols for both pediatric and adult patients.

XR-29 compliance is not mandatory at this time, and there are no consumer protections to ensure CT scanners have Smart Dose technology. However, Medicare is reducing payments for certain scans performed on noncompliant equipment.

To protect yourself and your family from unnecessary exposure to radiation, ask the question, “Is this equipment XR-29 compliant?” If the answer is no, request a referral to an imaging center or hospital where the equipment is compliant.

As with many medical procedures, the benefits of CT scans can far outweigh the risk. When you are informed with a little bit of knowledge and ask the right questions, you can reduce the risk even further.

CT Scan Costs Explained

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