Team Up With American Health Imaging for Your Sports Medicine Imaging Needs

September 19, 2022 – 2 min read

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Team Up With American Health Imaging for Your Sports Medicine Imaging Needs

Fall may mean football season, but it’s also time for soccer, volleyball, cross country, and other sports and activities. No matter what sport your child plays—or the athletic activities you enjoy on weekends—there’s always the risk of injury. If you or your child needs sports medicine imaging after a sprain, tear, or fracture, American Health Imaging makes it easy.

Why you might need sports medicine imaging

While acute injuries will warrant a prompt visit to the doctor, you don’t have to be competing at the highest level to develop overuse injuries. Children are at high risk for injury even in no-contact sports like golf, as long-term repetitive motions can affect growth plates. Adults can also easily develop injuries, especially with age. If your sports medicine provider, like an orthopedist, suspects damage to your cartilage, ligaments, muscles, or tendons that won’t show up on a regular X-ray, they may recommend more detailed diagnostic imaging to help determine an accurate diagnosis and establish a treatment plan.

Types of sports medicine imaging

Many common sports injuries can be diagnosed with American Health Imaging’s wide range of advanced medical imaging services, including:

  • Arthrogram. This is a type of image that uses a contrast agent to detect problems in your bones and soft tissues and may consist of a CT scan, MRI, and/or X-ray merged together.
  • CT scan. This imaging uses low-dose radiation to take images of cross sections of your tissue to complete a whole picture and may be performed with or without a contrast agent.
  • Digital X-ray. Usually used to assess bone damage, this type of X-ray uses less radiation than traditional X-rays.
  • MRI scan. Using magnets and radio waves, an MRI provides a detailed picture of your soft tissues. American Health Imaging offers wide-bore and open MRI to accommodate all body sizes and alleviate claustrophobia.
  • Myelogram. This specific type of moving X-ray is often used for imaging the spinal cord.
  • Ultrasound. This imaging technology uses sound waves to visualize soft tissue with no radiation.

Sports injury imaging with no timeouts

At American Health Imaging, it’s easy to get an appointment for advanced imaging, because we coordinate with your provider to promptly get you scheduled. No insurance? No problem. We offer affordable pricing that is up to 60% less than the cost of imaging at a hospital. And with over 45 locations, many of which offer evening and weekend hours, you won’t need to take too much time out of your busy schedule to take the first step to getting back in the game.

While sport-specific athletic training can often help with injury prevention, injuries happen. Don’t delay further sports medicine imaging for you or your child’s injury. If you have a doctor’s order for sports medicine imaging, make an appointment today.