How a Lung Cancer CT Scan Can Benefit Smokers

A person undergoing a low-dose CT lung cancer screening, a test that may catch cancer early, when it is easier to treat.

How a Lung Cancer CT Scan Can Benefit Smokers Lung cancer accounts for the second-highest number of cancer cases and causes more deaths than any other form of the disease, according to the American Cancer Society. The longer lung cancer goes undetected, the tougher it is to defeat. Early detection of lung cancer is possible, […]

Dense Breast Tissue and Your Mammogram

Did you know that, in 2019, U.S. Congress directed the Food and Drug Administration to require providers to include breast density information in mammogram reports? Although many states already require providers to do this, the new law will require all health care providers, no matter where, to let you know if your mammogram reveals dense […]